Tuesday, August 9, 2011

365 Day 221

taking the new-to-me camera around for a spin

My brother-in-law has a nice 35mm digital camera that he is tired of. He has been talking about getting rid of it for quite a while. I have been saying I'd be happy to take it off his hands...buy it from him, even...but he works a lot and never got around to getting all of the stuff together.

Last Friday my sister Sue surprised me by bringing me the camera and accessories. YAY!

Tomorrow Sue and I (maybe her mother-in-law Val and/or my niece Devon, too) are going to the Shiawassee County Fair to see the goat classes. Sue's friend Terri has several goats that will be in various classes and now I can (hopefully) get better photos than I would with my little Canon point-&-shoot. My little camera is great for quick shots for the blog or online auctions, etc. But maybe I will be able to get decent at taking photos with the 35mm one.

Much to my dismay, there was no operating manual...what was gathered up was the software manual(s). Sue is still looking for me at her house, but in the meantime I downloaded a PDF of the manual from Canon. It is enough to get me through the "what does THIS button do" stages.

I have to get used to using a viewfinder again...LOL. I got spoiled to using the screen on the little camera.

Plus, this camera has a bit of "kick back" when it takes a shot.

None of this is horrible -- I just have to acquaint myself with everything.

It focuses in a different way...so much to learn!

Since the manual is on my desktop, I decided to try to take some photos in the studio. Nothing moves...LOL...but the lighting is a challenge...good practice.

I like how this cat-creature looks startled by the flash.

I think this camera has a sharper focus than the point-and-shoot.

Now some pics with the flash turned off...how long can I hold my breath? How steady can I hold the camera?

oooh...nice colors

the glare from the overhead light in the bottom of the bin didn't effect the colors...cool

not bad...pretty steady there, Took

meh...I turned this sideways so it makes a little sense to look at...LOL

well...not too bad...after like 13 different tries (and a lot of breath holding)...but I couldn't capture the honeycomb pattern of the edge of the blinds

I have to be at Sue's house at 7 a.m. tomorrow -- wish me luck with the photo safari to the fair!

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Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

I'm in the same boat. I just adopted my daughter's Nikon. I used to be pretty good with an SLR, but it had been a few years. I'm getting used to it though and love the quality photos. I know you will too.

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