Tuesday, August 23, 2011

365 Day 235

work on the wowl continues

Woah -- explanation time (not an excuse): I had to get an injection at my physician's office late yesterday to try and calm down these allergic reactions and total itching...it has felt like there was poison ivy on every single inch of my body...I just wanted to pull my skin off. So I went for the injection and last night I guess it started to kick in a little. I was a bit nauseous but still itchy. Today I am less itchy but extremely wiped out and a still mildly nauseous. My legs are a little wonky and I feel slightly off balance. I finally had no choice but to stop fighting to stay awake...I ended up sleeping (on and off) for a large part of the afternoon and evening. I just woke up and came in to work on the wowl a bit...but I am still not feeling right and now I am pretty overheated. (Wah, waaaah, wah...poor Took.)
Okay. So this was the wowl on Day 232. I had pulled the masking tape off to reveal the eyes and was disappointed to see so much paint and plaster cloth come off with the tape that was only loosely attached.

This is the cleaned up version from yesterday. I think it turned out pretty well. I still have a LOT of details to work on, but I am happy with the wowl at this stage.

Its eyes do follow you, too...a little eerie.

I got these Japanase-looking papers at an artist's garage sale a few weeks ago...I was thinking I might be able to use a bit on the wowl.

I carefully tore the white paper with the gold beetles and applied Golden matte medium to the chest of the wowl, the back of the paper and then over the top of the paper, smoothing out as much of the air as I could. I will have to see how it looks when it is dry.

So far the wowl seems kinda pleased with the progress.


SOiNTOiT said...

So sorry for the poison ivy...it's probably like our poison oak and I've been hospitalized for it, I'm so allergic....I just sit about and seep for days, totally grodey and AWFUL.....in and out of oatmeal baths at all times of the day and night just trying to endure...I feel for you

Took said...

I don't have actual poison ivy -- I just ITCH like it is covering every inch of me...I think it is allergies...something in the air.

Although I have had poison ivy in the past...and have needed an injection for it. My sister and I both keep getting more and more sensitive to it every time we get it.

But I do not have it right now -- thank goodness!

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