Saturday, August 13, 2011

365 Day 225

workin' on a plaster cloth "wowl" this weekend

The gesso coat goes on.

The wowl sitting precariously (kinda) on top of a mint tin to dry.

Outside for a base coat of will not stay this color

He wanted to dry outside, but he understood that it was just too windy

Inspired by some tiny teensy tiny carvings by Leann Meixner, I got the brilliant idea to try carving some feathers for the wowl...

Well, I think they look more like leaves than feathers -- and I posted the pics to Facebook for a few more opinions and for the most part, folks agreed that they looked more like leaves.

...although I kind of liked this one.

the little carvings

I went back to the drawing board and tried a longer shape with not much better luck...this was the best of about six.

If you know me at all, you probably figured out by now that I was basically trying to find a way around having to paint.

But really, the point is moot because the stamp that I did like showed me that the painted plaster cloth surface doesn't want to be stamped on anyway. Even if I used a wet, wet paint...and cleaned it every time to get the paint out of the just isn't going to work...LOL...I will have to paint.

And no doubt I will find a groove at some point and get into it, but I am fairly nervous about it right now.

See...combo of not enough ink/paint and not enough surface to show the design...AND can you imagine how many times I'd have to stamp that image...and clean the stamp in between.

It is a small stamp.

(Okay, Took...we get it.)

I have a lot of flat painting to do before I get to the detail/decorative part...I am sure I will come up with something by then.

I like the little stamps I carved and I will put them to use in some other project.


Leann said...

Those are wonderful little leaf/feather stamps. They will have lots of uses!

Took said...

Thanks, Leann!

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