Friday, August 12, 2011

365 Day 224

going to an art opening and making fun art

Carla and Andrea and I went to the opening of "Inside the Box" -- a wonderful showing of assemblage art by two artist friends, Joan Potter Thomas and Leann Meixner.

Click on the postcard for hours, directions and info -- Liberty Street Brewing Company in Plymouth, MI.

Leann and Joan

one of Joan's pieces

one of Leann's voodoo boxes that I bought

another one

You can see more photos of the show and the fabulous artwork at my Facebook album here.

Another really cool and F*U*N thing about the show was that there was a table laid out with pipe cleaners and hand carved eraser rubber stamps by Leann. You were able to stamp cards and leave them in the stamped art "gallery" along the top of the wainscotting.

my inky fingers...I canNOT stamp without wearing the ink

Carla and Andrea and their cards

my first one -- I love the images carved by Leann -- and I like how the bats are carrying this guy off

my last one -- I LOVE the crow on the triangle

Carla made a tiger with a pipe cleaner


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