Saturday, August 20, 2011

365 Day 232

a bit of a setback

Well, that was disappointing! I was starting to do some of the painting around the eyes of the wowl today. I made little Baby Pink dots (putting me in mind of Julie Driscoll) ...

...when I went back to put Electric Pink dots on top of the Baby Pink dots, after they were dry I carefully peeled off the masking tape on the eyes so that I could get more of a feel for the wowl's face and darn it -- the tape peeled off quite a bit of plaster cloth.

I was SO careful, too. It wasn't even stuck down all the way.

Now he looks like he's been in a fight or something.

Now I have to sulk for the rest of the night and get a fresh start tomorrow on repairing things.

in happier news...

William Hessian posted a progress report to his
Bearded Bunny Art Blog
about our upcoming collaboration for Art-o-mat.

Click the photo to go to his blog post.

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