Friday, August 5, 2011

365 Day 217

garage sale treasures PLUS a bonus gift

Wow. My sister and her mother-in-law (visiting from out of town for two weeks) and I went to 3 garage sales and then went out to lunch...did we ever have a blast!

The first garage sale was the one I wanted to go to. It was a local artist who had just moved to a new home and she was clearing out art and crafts supplies. Man! What an incredible sale -- I could have bought up most of what she had to offer! I am so glad I got to go to this sale!

five 2-packs of 11" x 14" black frames

a fabulous HUGE book of animals, a way cool book of symbols on rocks and a neat little framed arty picture and quote -- I love the art and the words

a gorgeous little basket, two different small-sized rubber stamp alphabet sets, a rubber stamp that says "Art", a two pack of raven playing cards (how cool is THAT) and a partial skein of the kind of ribbon/yarn that I make the "hair" for my Tookies finger puppets...and the yarn isn't all crunched up!

three metal frames with mats from Frames Unlimited

magnificent, luxurious papers

an issue of Dog Fancy and a 12-compartment Ernie Ball guitar picks box -- ooh!

Okay. Garage sale number two had nothing for me. My sister got a tray and a watch that just needs a battery and her mother-in-law got a butterfly pin, a purse and a toy for one of the younger grandkids back home.

The third garage sale was in a really swanky subdivision in Northville Township. The house was beautiful with luscious landscaping...even the garage floor was fancy. They had all kinds of cool stuff -- my sister got some clothes and two pre-lighted xmas trees that will go with her other xmas stuff for her yard (she is big into xmas decorations). Her mother-in-law got some clothes and small elephant statues. I could have gone nuts and brought home stuff with lots of potential for making other things, but I was proud of myself that I reined myself in. Really, there were a whole lot of things that could have been used for assemblage and repurposing...but here is what I got:

a HUGE faux wood suitcase-type carrying case (broken hinges, but fixable) nearly full of art supplies from FAO Schwartz -- looks like a deluxe kids' set...the kind that would make your heart race if you saw it in a catalog...well, it would make MY heart race...LOL

this incredibly ugly/creepy/cool pig-creature with jointed, dangling legs -- you KNOW I have to make a different creature out of this thing! Plus it is already on a stick and a base!

and who doesn't need more curling ribbon for a quarter a spool???

But the major "I-forgot-all-about-this" moment came when Sue and Val first arrived this morning. Sue's husband has been saying for some time that he doesn't like his digital camera anymore and never uses it. I have been saying for a long time that I would be happy to buy it from him. Well...

Sue had him get it all together and find all the parts and manuals, etc. and she GAVE it to me today! WOW!

I have a lot of studying and reading to do...but maybe now I can start taking better photographs again. My little point-and-shoot is good for most stuff but I am really thrilled about this! Ooh!

And later on this evening...

Carla is coming over after to work to pick me up and we are going to the opening reception at Detroit Artists Market for the show called "Small(er)". That one where the pieces are 8"x8" or less...the one I made all those plaster cloth guys for that I never got around to finishing in time...that one. I have decided I am not going to try and take photos because it will be waaaaay too crowded -- maybe we will go back sometime during the run of the show. I have seen a few photos by DAM on their Facebook page, though, and it looks like another great show. Carla and I will also swing by Slows To Go and grab something wonderful for dinner. I am thinking some sort of BBQ sandwich and I know Carla is all worked up about mac &'ll be my first time...I have heard great things about Slows. This is going to be a F*U*N ending to a great day!

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