Saturday, August 27, 2011

365 Day 239

how to draw animals (or at least get a basic silhouette)

For that "landscape" project I am working on, I need to start thinking of something else I can carve for the I am trying animals. I am going to make 3 deep shadow box places/scenes/"landscapes" so I found 3 animals...2 rabbits and 1 squirrel. (I am really really afraid of rabbits outside in real life and I HATE squirrels -- rats with fluffy tails that literally eat the side of my house...but I needed smallish animals.)

A while back Andi gave me some magazines and a couple of Walter Foster "How to Draw" books. I remember those from my childhood, but it was always my sister Sue who had the drawing talent. The two books that Andi gave me are actually from back then, not reprints...pretty cool!

These pictures are large for the most part. I knew I would be reducing the sizes but I needed to find simple-ish animals that I might possibly be able to draw an outline of.

Working with the size I need -- plus this is a landscape -- I knew I wouldn't need a lot of details for these carvings.

I really did give drawing them free hand a try.

Not too horrible, but I knew it would be a lot quicker and a lot less frustrating to just copy the pictures, reduce the size and draw an outline over them.

So that's what I did...

I worked on them for an hour or so and then got my carving stuff and area ready.

I tried to let Twink stay out with me but he was just too disruptive and playful again. Honestly, if I am not at the dining room table trying to do something like this he has already put himself back to bed in the bedroom anyway. He sleeps a lot in there...he is a cat, you know?

Here is the squirrel. The photo is a bit blurry, but also the image I ended up carving was pretty much as blurry as you see because I had to reuse a couple of scraps of carving material and the running rabbit didn't fit on the piece I planned on using so I had to try to remove the image and blah, blah, blah...LOL. Whatever...this is how it looked.

And I carved that image right away so that I would sort of remember how the lines felt and looked when I transferred them.

The running rabbit...this is really creepy/scary to me.

The sitting rabbit...also a little unnerving to me.

I will probably clean these up a little as I use them but I wanted to be done with carving for today...close up work/old eyes/cramped hands.

And here is the whole "landscape" elements set so far...growing nicely.

Packed up and ready to let Twink back out of the bedroom.

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