Thursday, August 25, 2011

365 Day 237

carving more "landscape" elements

Okay. Back to work on carving more elements for my landscape/place-in-a-deep-shadow-box project.

I gathered all my stuff together and went to plug the iPod into the stereo thingy.

And Twink arrived to "help" as soon as I turned my back.

Here he is choosing a piece of soft cut carving material.

Already starting to invade my space, here he is about to measure the size of the piece "we" are making.

Having been scolded and warned that he'd be put in the bedroom if he didn't leave my stuff alone, this is Twink pulling that "if-I-roll-around-next-to-these-things-and-they-end-up-on-the-floor-they-belong-to-ME" routine that cats do.

Final warning issued.

Twink reappears at the other end of the table.


The "okay, put me in the bedroom because I CANNOT leave your stuff alone" look.

Finally -- I get to actually carve something!

This is how I began this free hand cloud.

I figured I would be carving out all of the inside anyway, so why not play with the carving tool and practice some swirls and curves.

A little bit more taken out.

Even more taken out...but now I am kinda sorta liking the way it looks.

A totally just carved lines to go by...I just carved it as the blade went along.

I'm calling it the moustache cloud.

Another free hand drawing cloud...but without inking it before I started taking the middle stuff out...what will it look like?

That's better...but still needs more out.

Yep...definitely looks better with just about all of the material carved out.

This is actually the same outline of the swirly cloud. I stamped it on some blank carving material and carved it all out.

Hey -- they are sort of looking like clouds!

All of the elements (so far) for the "landscape" I will construct in the deep shadow box.

I want to make some more smaller clouds and maybe a couple of larger ones. I think I probably need a house or something, too.

I plan on doing three shadow box scenes because I can enter up to three for the show. I seriously doubt they will get juried in, but I am really starting to like this project. This is the first time I have tried to carve images that I drew myself (instead of magazine pics or clip art). I am looking forward to seeing this little grouping when it is done (and hanging in my house.)

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Leann said...

I like where this is going..

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