Thursday, August 11, 2011

365 Day 223

this post is jam-packed with info & links-o-rama!

Okay. First, part two of yesterday's post.
I went to my first meeting of our local Artist Trading Card group, moderated by artist Leann Meixner.

This month's theme was "Egg" and these are the wonderful ATCs I got in trade.

We also had a demonstration of Zentangle by Diana Hirsch, CZT.

A shot of the group's first Zentangle card with tangles "Crescent Moon" and "Hollibaugh"

A shot of the group's second Zentangle card with tangles "Bales" and "Static".

A group shot of the group. I had to nearly back out of the room to get the whole table in the shot.
(Ingrid is kind of hidden at the upper left corner of the table.)

What a F*U*N group! Next month's theme is Children's Literature Characters. And I will be doing the teach/demo -- showing (what else) how to adapt your art for consideration in the Art-o-mat to make a prototype.

Turning to today...a day of many errands and changing the art in the two Art-o-mat machines that I host.

The machine at LIFT Designer Toys and Gallery.

Added: Dean Walch 3D photos, Scott Blake barcode flip books, Patrick Harris "Iconozombies"

Held Over: Clark Whittington, Toby Millman, Cap & Leo, Weener Ware, Laura Gentry, Laurelle Moon Conte, Lebrie Rich, Maija Peeples-Bright

Then I arrived at the Northville Art House to change some of the art in that machine.

Added: Katy Dement, Sharon Benton, Jessica Guptill, Dean Walch, Missy Gaido Allen, Juana Moore

Held Over: Carrie Price, Q.I. (Quality Individuals), Took Gallagher

Carla makes a cute display in the case next to the machine of some of the available Art-o-mat items.

The Northville Art House is pleased to present "13 Ways to View a Blackbird and Other Thoughts in Thread," an art quilt show featuring two groups of work by artists from across the Midwest.

Inspired by the Wallace Stevens' poem with the same name, the exhibit "13 Ways to View a Blackbird" is a vibrant and thought-provoking collection by the Fiber Artists Coalition, a group of professional artists from the upper Midwestern United States. "Thoughts in Thread" includes equally dynamic and diverse work by the local guild, Paradigm Quilters.

Click the photo to go to my Facebook album of photos I took of the incredible work in these two shows. all of this ties together because Leann Meixner and Joan Potter Thomas (director of the Northville Art House) are having a show called "Inside the Box". It opens tomorrow at 7 p.m. at Liberty Street Brewing Company in Plymouth, MI.

The show features the assemblage work of these two delightful artists.

Click the postcard for location and hours info.

WHEW -- I hope all of those links work!

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Ingrid Dijkers said...

Hope to be able to make it to next months meeting. I am somewhat familiar with "Art-o-Matic", but would love to learn more about it from you. It was great to meet you and have enjoyed looking at your work on your blog!

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