Friday, August 26, 2011

365 Day 238

quite cloudy in here tonight

Another night of free hand drawing clouds and carving them for my deep shadow box "landscape"/places/scenes.

I was looking at clouds while I was driving today. These are sort of similar to what I saw.

To get a smaller version of one, I drew the outline inside of the larger one.

Let's get carving! (Twink is already in the bedroom.)

Tonight's cloud number one.

Cloud number two -- same cloud, reversed.

This is a different carving material for me, this pink stuff. It gives you a LOT more resistance when you are carving it, but it is soft and takes ink pad ink really well. I don't know how it will print with the brayer and nice paper and block printing ink.

These are all just quick test prints with an old ink pad. I really like it...I need to get some fresh ones to play with.

Clouds one and two, together.

Cloud number three.

This was a bear to carve because I had to push hard but be careful not to stab myself when the inside was getting cleared out.

Cloud number four.

Cloud number five.

A messed up test print of cloud number five -- but I really really like it. I wonder if I can do it again. It slipped or the paper moved or something.

The entire "landscape" set (so far).

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