Wednesday, August 31, 2011

365 Day 243

getting back to painting the wowl

I am really trying to approach the painting of this plaster cloth wowl with the no-expectations feeling of Experimental Art Night. Emphasis on the word trying. I do have images in my head of how I would like it to look and unfortunately they really conflict with my real life abilities. That is why I am trying to adapt the sorts of things I learned at Experimental Art Night to this project.

Here is the back of the wowl's head.

This is that test page of pink paints I made.

I am going with the Electric Pink for the base of the design.

This is the first layer of the design...for now.

And I added dots to the dots around the eyes.

You have no idea how stressed I get when I work on the painting of these guys. This is as far as I got tonight. I may come back and see if it is dry enough to try something more later on before bed.

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