Tuesday, August 30, 2011

365 Day 242

more creatures coming to the surface

Last Wednesday, on blog day 365 Day 236, I started playing around with this canvas. Today more creatures came to the surface and revealed themselves and the whale-tail guy became more defined.

The whale-tail guy has developed legs. Four legs with sort of birch tree-like patterns.

And this little guy emerged next to his tail. Last Wednesday I was thinking it was a fox or a wolf head ... now it is clearly some kind of little cat or dog mixture, perhaps with a patch on its forehead.

Here are the birch tree-like pattern legs.

...becoming more defined...

...and oh my goodness -- is that a cowboy boot?

A few steps back from the canvas and the legs are really starting to stand out.

But wait -- what is this?

Wow - the little guy is being carried by a bigger guy. And maybe the birch tree leg guy doesn't have a whale tail after all...maybe it is the side of the bigger cat-like guy's arm and shoulder.

It is looking to me (at this moment) like the larger cat-like guy has a robe or coat on and the right sleeve has a dark cuff and the guy's paw is lighter and curled around to hold the little guy. The big guy's left arm is just hanging down along the edge of the canvas.

Those new guys are reminding me a little of Richard Scarry-looking guys. Wow. I haven't thought about Richard Scarry since my 32-yr-old (gasp) niece was a toddler!

And I have never seen this book cover before.

This canvas is turning into some kind of an adventure!

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