Friday, August 19, 2011

365 Day 231

working more on the wowl

Today I am back working on the "wowl" that I am making for Juana's 2010 birthday present.

I took the wowl outside to spray it with camouflage black paint. It is incredibly flat black paint and according to the can, you use it for painting camouflage objects.

This is the first coat over the really pink paint from last time.

Juana really likes the color combination of pink and black.
I hope she likes this when it is done.

This is the second coat of black -- very wet heavy coat -- that is why it is so shiny.

Again, the wowl wanted to dry outside and since it wasn't as windy as last time I put it in the sort of alleyway that leads up to my back door.

It seemed happy.

A nearly dry wowl back in my studio.

You know how I hate to paint plaster cloth guys...and how I don't seem to mind painting at Experimental Art Night quite as much? I still don't know how I will detail this guy but I had a brainstorm to -- duh -- practice layering the colors the way I do at class.

I started with some black acrylic paint on cardstock.

Next I put out dabs of the three colors of pink I expect to be using. Hot Pink on the left, Electric Pink on the right and Baby Pink along the bottom.

After they were thoroughly dry I tried the layering to see what they'd look like.

The colors in this photo aren't as true as in person, but you can get the idea. I played with combinations, varied which was on the bottom and which was on the top layer. Then I tried dabbing all of the three pinks together.

It actually was less stressful...I'm not exactly ready to say I found it fun, but it was better. I like it when techniques from Experimental Art Night creep into projects I am working on.

The wowl and paint samples page drying in my studio.

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