Monday, August 1, 2011

365 Day 213

I think I may have two good prints!

Well. Remember last night I was going to get a restful night's sleep and try pulling more prints today on taller surfaces? Okay. Last night turned into another all-nighter (which I hate so much) and I didn't even have any more art attempts to use as a reason why. Gah!

This morning before I fed the cats -- while Twink was still in the bedroom -- I decided to try some printmaking. I wanted to use the countertop by the dishwasher because it is tall and I was hoping that would make a difference for my back and also maybe change the angle/pressure I put on the paper when I am burnishing it.

Apparently some combination of all of it made a difference! I also wanted to try a paper with inclusions to see how it would turn out.

AND I switched out the tree guy (Trunky) for this carving that Shaqe and Carla liked in printmaking class.

I had the usual failed attempts, and I could see why.

Like this detail shows one that was too inked up.

But THIS one worked pretty darn well. Yay!

The ink is wet and the lighting is overhead so there is some glare, but trust me...I am happy with it and I will frame it and put it in the show.

( I need to come up with another title...darn it!)

I wanted to try and get some texture and movement in the paper to mimic the stuff going on in the carving.

I think it was successful!

You can see the inclusions in the paper but the ink also printed on top of them.

And here is another attempt that I am considering. A chartreuse-colored paper with a bit of texture.

This is a more plain paper intended for printmaking. Also another contender.

This morning's, I am going through a lot of paper.

I cleared the area and put the supplies away. Then I fed the cats and tried to watch some tv. I think I probably nodded off several times -- I don't remember what I watched...LOL.

Mid-afternoonish I decided I needed to poke at it again.

I was in the studio and found another paper with inclusions that has nice off yellow/moon/cream color to it. I was looking at it and thought it might look good with the kitsune carving.

This paper is pretty thin and when you start burnishing it, it gets reeeeeeeally thin and pills up...gotta be very careful not to burst through it and rip it.

And that is why the first print is so light. I was worried about rubbing through to the carving.

But you can see the inclusions and how the ink doesn't really want to cover them as well as on the other paper(s). This was also done on the toothy side instead of the smooth side.
I basically wanted to see what would happen. Now I know.

This is the inked up paper on top of the carving before I started burnishing.

Detail of result of the print from the previous photo. You can see the bits and pieces of stuff in the paper and how the ink goes around it.

But I like the least for an artist's proof for myself.

This is how it looks with the mat laying over it. I think I will keep this one for me, but not frame it. The windy area at the top left is still too light.


This is the same paper, but with different lighting. This is closer to the actual color of the paper.

I burnished and burnished until I thought the paper was going to permanently bond with the carving. I was worried there was too much ink and it would be flooded-looking.

I am really happy with this one. This will be framed for the show.

Detail of the previous photo. I was determined to get the ink to fill in over and around the inclusions.

The four prints and a bit of the paper I was using.

The two best prints on that paper. I will keep one and frame one.


Oh...and that countertop height IS better for me to work on for printmaking. My back doesn't hurt as much...yay!

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