Monday, August 8, 2011

365 Day 220

Artist Trading Cards for my first trade with local ATC Club

Yay -- I finished my cards for my first trading meeting with the local ATC club that I joined. I am very excited about going.

The theme is "Egg"

I ran the relief prints of the egg I carved through my handy dandy Xyron machine. What would I DO without it???

They go in this side...

...and come out this side -- as stickers!

practicing on the bad prints

cutting and sticking and coloring

I got the idea to use the white pencil to blend the colors from collaborating colorist partner for our Art-o-mat series "Penciled In"

Oh no...trouble arrives...and its name is Twink

he got a firm "stssssssssst" at the other end of the table, so he reappeared down here

another "SSTTSSSSSSSSST!" followed

Twink plopped down hard on the table, all pissy and flipping his tail like mad

the first five cards

Twink chooses his favorite

the white pencil does blend the colors nicely

I made a dozen...hey, they're eggs

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