Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day 303 - 365/2014

Day Three Hundred Three

I wanted to make the rabbit guy's fingers stronger and more rigid so that they would be less likely to snap off sometime down the road after he is pretty much all done...or if he is ever on display somewhere.  I also checked for the squishy areas on his torso and hips/haunches that might still be there from yesterday.

First I needed to cut a bunch of smaller plaster cloth triangles.
The hands "before".
The hands "after" -- and switched in position on the drying contraption.
I was pleased to find there were less squishy areas today as there were last night.  I marked where I needed to plaster cloth and then I did it.

A little later on I figured I better stop avoiding giving the bowling pin cat-creature eyes.  That deadline will be upon me before I realize it, too.

Those beads I was thinking might make decent eyes.
But you know what, that mark on is hard to tell if it is a scratched area or if it is leftover sticky stuff from a price sticker...but they all have an area like that.
What the heck...I put a dot of black acrylic paint on both beads and waited for them to dry. can see the scratched/residue-y part.  I need to find the taxidermy eyes.
YAY -- I found them!
I have several pairs of eyes in different sizes.  I will try a couple on the cat-creature.

So I tried out some of the eyes just to get an idea of what might or might not work.  In any case I will need to build up the face on one side just a bit.

These are the beads with the acrylic paint pupils...close set...
...and wide set...nope...not for this project.
These are largish predator eyes (I don't recall right now...wolf or lion)...nope, not for this project.
These are the yellow cat eyes that I am just not that fond of in general...wide set.
...another view, wide set...
...another view, wide set.
And same eyes, closer together, view #1.
View # 2 -- I guess I will go with these.

I finally bit the bullet and got started on adding the yellow taxidermy cat eyes.

Gah -- NOT happy with this...the side to my right is awful...that is the side that needs to be built up slightly. 
So I pulled off the still-wet plaster cloth and tried again.
GAH -- no...this is getting too built up and I just really don't like this pair of glass eyes.  I hope I can still pull ALL of the fresh plaster cloth back off without wrecking the face too much.
Whew -- I laid the cat creature on its side and kept wetting the area(s) -- finally I was able to dig out around the eyes -- and without too much damage. still looks okay.
Oh thank goodness...he didn't get too wrecked.  I guess I will either paint eyes for him or he'll get collaged eyes if I end up papering him rather than painting...still dunno.

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