Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day 282 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Eighty-Two

Tonight was Second Thursday and we had a glorious time and three new members!

In attendance: Took, Joan, Julia, Jane, Leann, Rebecca, Jenni, Melissa, Jan, Juana
Activity:  embellish a wooden crow

Photos from the night...

All set up and ready to go.
The crows.
Joan beginning her crow.
Julia beginning her crow.
Jane beginning her crow's stencil.
Leann beginning her crow.
Juana giving her little crow a beady eye.
Jan beginning her crow.
Melissa beginning her crow.
The beginning of Jenni's crow.
The beginning of Rebecca's crow.

What a fun time -- and it was wonderful to start to get to know Jenni, Rebecca, and Melissa! 
Thanks for coming...thanks for bringing snacks!

I am already looking forward to next month!


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