Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day 299 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Ninety-Nine

This afternoon I was thinking about the bowling pin cat-creature's eyes.  Will I use glass taxidermy eyes (that I have set down somewhere and can't find at the moment), will I paint them on, will I paper them on?  In the past I have also used those "jumbo glass jewels" that are used for anchoring flowers in tall vases and painted the undersides...that has sort of worked but I don't have two of the same (or even nearly the same) size and Michaels was fresh out of them.  BUT I was digging around in the drawers of  my little fake apothecary cabinet and I found these instead.  They just might work.  I think they came from MBAD African Bead Museum -- we didn't know for sure what they were but I liked them and I knew I would use them eventually.

A few of the things I was trying out as eyes for the bowling pin cat-creature.  I sort of like the bottle caps for eyes, too -- I have never tried that before.
The vintage-y beads -- they might look too large in this is a slightly odd angle -- plus, some of the discs will be covered with plaster cloth to secure them in place.  It almost looks like a monocle, doesn't it?  Hmmm...
And then tonight...
You know how when you are going to have someone come in and help you clean your house and you run around the night before picking stuff up and putting stuff away and vacuuming, etc.?  Well, that is sort of what I have been up to tonight in the wet studio.  My good friend Andi is coming tomorrow to help me with a couple of projects and then we will have a nice lunch out.  

Progress pictures (so far) of the wet studio getting sorted out and rearranged (again).

I am not terribly proud to show the state of the wet studio...but here it is.
Partway through...packed up some plaster cloth projects and their parts...getting ready to move the sewing machine.
The sewing machine is closed up and stashed under the stairs and the stuff to go up to the loft is stacked up next to it.
Okay, I am just about spent for the night...I am going to take a breather in front of tv for a bit.  If I get a second wind I might break down the cardboard boxes and bundle them for trash/recycle collection tomorrow...good timing...but if I don't, there is always next week.  I am eager to get going with Andi tomorrow!

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