Saturday, October 11, 2014

Day 284 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Eighty-Four

Bowling Pin -- Take Two.

I remembered today that gah -- I better get busy on that bowling pin if I want to be done in time for the deadline.  So...bowling pin, take two.

Where I left off before.

I half-figured out on the first try that I would need to make a helmet sort of thing and build on that because I was having problems making a face on the "flat" surface of the pin.  Today I tried on a few options...

Trying out a few basic head shapes to work on.
This cap has a sort of inner support that sits on top of the bowling pin.
How about a nose/muzzle... about lose the head and just work with the muzzle?

And then I removed that, as well...and popped the glass eyes back on for a try.

I realized what the problem was for needed a rounder head.
And maybe some ears...the eyes look a little better, but the face isn't actually flat enough...I probably won't use the glass eyes.
I can imagine a face easier without the glass eyes.

Then I decided to just get started and at least get the first plaster cloth coat on over the rounded head so I could work from there.

...and I found one more possibility for a head shape...I sort of wanted to try to make a fox-ish guy and this would have helped...but, no.
Yeah, the rounder head works better for me.
But first -- time to cut the plaster cloth into triangles.

I have pledged (to myself) not to gunk up my newish camera with plaster cloth this time, so there are no progress photos of building the face, but I worked on it for quite a while and I got a face started...I'm not sure where I will go from this point, but I am more pleased with today's efforts.  I need to keep thinking about it.  The ears are large, so it isn't exactly a cat...but it could be a cat-like creature.

I have a couple of ideas for painting it -- the emphasis being on ideas -- I am pretty sure I want to define its face more...I am not sure how much I will keep changing the overall shape.  I think I will most likely not use the glass eyes, or at least not the yellow cat ones.  Really, this is still very much in the early planning stages.

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