Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day 301 - 365/2014

Day Three Hundred One

Tonight I worked on shaping the rabbit guy.  I have been putting it off because I couldn't figure out how to get his hips/haunches to fill out.  I also couldn't decided how to incorporate his overall shape into his clothes.  When I first started with him I was thinking of making him a vest and coat from oatmeal box-thin cardboard covered with plaster cloth that would extend over the sticky-out plaque section where his legs join his torso.  But tonight when I went in and sat down with him my Universal helpers dropped in and suggested using Scott paper rags to plump up the voids.  Later they suggested pulling off yardage of the Scott rags and just wrapping the upper half of him and it all started to pull together.  At least he has more shape now -- he still needs work -- but I can see him a little more clearly now.

before -- ready to get started
before - closer view
The first wad of Scott paper rags is shoved into place.
Doesn't look like it, but I can sort of see it filling out.
Yeah...a long way to go yet, but...yeah.
And then they suggested just wrapping him in yardage of the Scott paper rags.
More...and shaping with the tape...
I can see where more needs to go.
His tummy is taking shape.
I evened out his hips/haunches.
Not too bad of a stopping place for tonight.
Yeah...I think they were pretty helpful.
Next I will probably do a couple of layers of plaster cloth to see where he needs more work...and maybe from this point I can just keep building with the plaster cloth.  I need to look at standing rabbits and hares and see what a tail looks like.  I am not sure if I will use one or not.

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