Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day 292 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Ninety-Two

Today I hosted Sanda Cook and her Abstract Art Workshop at my house.  In attendance: Took, Terri, Juana, Peggy, and Franciney.  Sanda brought all the materials we needed and showed us some techniques for painting in an abstract way with acrylics.  This is much different from anything any of us usually do and it was great fun!  Here are some photos from today:

Sanda arrives with some of her supplies.
Skip drove Sanda to my house...he is looking around a bit.
Sanda unpacking her supplies.
Here we are -- ready to get started.  (Me/unseen), Terri, Juana, Sanda, Peggy, and Franciney.
Sanda gave us each a canvas that had she had started with textures and gesso.
Sanda starting her talk.
Showing us about drawing around the textures and also making outlines to fill in.
I chose to outline the texture on mine...later I drew a freestyle shape.
Sanda talking about her process with a previous painting of hers.
Here is what I have so far...what could be a bear or bear-like creature and a blue blob...maybe slightly rabbit-shaped.
In this direction it looks more like a map to me...this is how I will work on it.
Sanda works on a painting along with us.
Peggy and Franciney working.
Terri and Juana working...Sanda at the end of the table.
My "map" shaping up a bit.  I think I will continue to add more things after it is dry enough and I think about it a bit more.
Sanda shows her painting.
Sanda taking a photo of Terri and her painting.
Sanda talking to Juana about her painting.
Peggy couldn't decided which direction she preferred...landscape or portrait...
...Peggy decided she liked this direction best.  I agree.
Juana still working on her painting.
Franciney still working on her painting.
Terri's finished painting.
Franciney -- almost done.
Juana with her completed painting.
Ta-daaa...Franciney is done!
Detail of Franciney's painting.
Sanda's completed painting...she gifted it to me!
Sanda's palette.
Skip arrived to pick Sanda up.
Final chats.'s like they were never even here -- no mess!
We all had a really great time today and we all painted in ways we never would have on our own.  We are very happy with our paintings.  THANK YOU, Sanda -- maybe we can do this again some time!
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