Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 302 - 365/2014

Day Three Hundred Two

Tonight I covered over all of the Scott paper rags and masking tape that I added to the rabbit guy last night.  I wanted to get the first few hardening layers of plaster cloth on and drying.  I knew there would be areas that would sag in a bit because some areas were more tightly packed in than others.  

How he looked when I sat down to work tonight.
Some areas were more tightly packed with the Scott paper rags and tape than others...they will sag a bit tonight.
There -- not too bad. 
There was less sagging than I was expecting but it might show up again later on.
His hips/haunches are looking a little more hippier/haunchier and his belly is a bit round.  He will still need lots of shaping.

I also took a look at the hands that I made for the rabbit guy a while back.  I needed to see if they were still going to fit into his sleeves.  I also needed to wiggle-test the fingers and yep, they do need more plaster cloth reinforcement to make them more rigid.  I don't want them to snap off accidentally  after he is all built.  That will be another night's work, though...that is tighter, closer, fussier work than I have in me right now.  For now -- here is how he looks overall.

The hands I made for the rabbit guy a while back.  The fingers need more thinly applied layers of plaster cloth for strength.
The hands still fit into the ends of his sleeves -- yay!  
He's got a more "I'm gonna git ya" look.
I think he is shaping up pretty nicely, all in all.

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