Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Day 295 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Ninety-Four

Tonight I worked on the bowling pin cat-creature...securing its tail to the body, putting more layers on the tail itself, and smoothing out the rest of the parts that didn't have enough plaster cloth.  I think the plaster cloth is pretty evenly applied overall now.  The only other thing I want to revisit is the cat-creature's face.  I think I want to make its mouth/lips in a similar way to the hands-up cat.  I will try that next...but not tonight.

I worked in two sessions, this is the first one:

Set up and ready to get to work.
I need to cover everything evenly and attach the pretty much free-standing tail to the body.  I think I can make it so that it is still pretty visible as the tail and not just a ridge.
It seems to be coming along pretty well -- time for a break!

Then I took a dinner break and this was session two:

Picking up where I left off on the tail...part of this end will be left free-standing away from the body -- I think it will be fine.  I needed to work on the cat-creature from a new angle.
And all done for tonight.  I laid triangles of plaster cloth over the top ridge of the tail and then smoothed the sides over to meet the body and flow onto it.  There are still a few tiny gaps but I think they will fill in when I start the tissue paper layering later on.  I think that will also smooth out the surface imperfections, although it will definitely not be ceramic-smooth.
And the tip of the tail is just slightly away from the body.
I think you can still see that the tail is a tail.
A closer look at the tip of the tail.
Another view. more.
Next I think I want to add more defined lips/mouth to the face.
If I was a better painter I might be able to just paint the face on, but I think I want to have it more defined...maybe not...we'll see.
I am thinking something along these lines for the mouth/lips.

I am kind of eager to get to the next part but I need to let it sit for at least a day to firm up really well.  I am still on track for the deadline...I should be able to get all of the rest of the work done in plenty of time...I need to cover the whole thing with a couple of layers of tissue paper as prep for either painting or papering the finish...then comes the part I dread the most -- the actual commitment to color(s) and painting the face.

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