Thursday, October 16, 2014

Day 289 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Eighty-Nine

Jan and I went on a road trip to OH today to see my friend Val who had two bins of fibers for sale that Jan was interested in.  Val has recently moved on from working with fibers and spinning and textile work to her newer passion for wood working.  Val has an incredibly wonderful workshop set up in a huge space with all of her supplies and tools and power tools.  She has projects laid out all around the studio/workshop and also does woodworking for other folks.  Here are some photos from the visit Jan and I had with Val.

Jan and Val talking when we first arrive.
Big time power tools...wall art in the background.
More wall art and other projects laid out on tables.
And speaking of tables, Val is also creating some absolutely gorgeous wood slab tables.
This is the one I fell in love is made of cherry wood...I swear, I could buy the slab of wood (with 14 sanding/varnishing coats) and use it for dreamy relaxation therapy...I just want to touch this wood all day long.
One of the beautiful edges of the slab I love.
More larger pieces in progress.
Wooden birds and other parts.
Jan and Val.
Jan and Val start to sort through the two bins of fibers that Jan went to purchase from Val.
Jan is very happy with the fibers!
Val also makes holders for knives.
A before-and-after shot of the cedar wood for the racks.
The other huge, gorgeous wood slab that has been sanded/varnished 14 times and will become a table.
That wood is walnut and starts out looking like the unfinished piece in front of it.
And this is what cherry wood looks like -- before-and-after.
Val with "my" slab of cherry wood.
Jan and I had a lovely time with Val and we are both looking forward to a return visit in the future!  Maybe I can come up with a simple, small project featuring wood items...Val says she will cut shapes out for me (that I design) and get me started next time.  Here is a link for Val's website.

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