Monday, October 20, 2014

Day 293- 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Ninety-Three

Tonight the bowling pin cat-creature got an experimental "for now" tail.  Right now the tail is not totally hard -- I had to work pretty fast so that it wouldn't crack -- and then I had to get it in place on the cat-creature without it flattening or wrecking the surface that is already there.  I know, that was an awkward sentence and it is hard to follow...bottom line is I hope I can get this tail to work out -- it is not fully attached or fully realized yet.

I wanted to put a piece of wire (of some sort) inside of the tail so that I could bend it to fit the bowling pin.
This is a leg from a tomato cage -- and this is as tight as I could bend it against the edge of the table...I didn't want to fight with it any more.
This is 18 gauge copper wire and I doubled it up and twisted it a little bit...not that it is actually doing all that much, but it helped when I rolled up the bubble wrap.
I taped the wire to the bubble wrap.
Then I rolled up the bubble wrap and taped it tightly, pulling the tape taut against itself until I covered the whole tail.
I tried positioning the tail in various poses.  Yesterday Juana suggested that I might try to use the tail as a sort of way to steady the bottom of the bowling pin but I couldn't get it to would have had to cross over itself and it was hard enough to get it to stay in just this simply wrap around.
I tried anchoring the tail with masking tape to see how it might look.
Then I left the tail in the basic shape that it wanted to take.  At this point the tail is somewhat rigid but still bendable...I am hoping that I can get enough plaster cloth on it for it to take shape and stay put until I figure out how to make this work for real.
And now...a look at the for-now tail in various views...

I think I like it, but I still don't know if it will work.  I need to let it dry and then go back to it.

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