Sunday, September 28, 2014

Day 271 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Seventy-One  (updated)

I wasn't going to work on this today but it was bugging me too much to leave it alone.

I erased the light pencil mark face with an Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  Then I filled in the rest of the unpainted area.

There.  Now I feel better.

And no -- this will not be a biteyou...but here is what it might have looked like as one.

update:  9:40pm  -- Oh heck...I decided to just touch everything up and while I wasn't paying attention too well I accidentally painted from the left side into the bottom of the empty space a little bit.  At first I was mildly annoyed with myself, then I figured that space was going to need to be painted anyway, so I might as well start with a solid color and not worry about getting paint on the legs.  Now it is all smooth and pretty well covered.

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