Thursday, September 25, 2014

Day 268 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Sixty-Eight

My sister Sue is still healing (and progressing pretty darn well) from her horrible broken leg.  Tonight was the first night that she was able to groom her baby herself.  I helped by brushing out his mane and tail, but I worked as quickly as I could and then moved my upside down bucket/"seat" out of the way.  Sue did all of the other grooming chores.  It took roughly two hours (but it didn't feel like it) and it was so good to see Sue and Kleegal have time together again. 

We got over to the barn just as Chris was bringing the horses in for dinner.  Kleegal is very mellow after that and the whole process is really relaxing and calming for both Sue and Kleegal.  We kept him in the stalls barn and it is a lot smaller in that aisleway versus the larger barn with the indoor arena and lockers area (where we were the last time).

Sue and barn owner Chris down at the entrance to the stalls barn.
Kleegal still in his stall -- I got to put his halter on and lead him out to the crossties.
Sue and Kleegal -- I was choking back the tears during their initial reunion.  Sue was able to get close(r) to him a couple of weeks ago in the other barn, but she still couldn't do anything with him at that point because she was still on crutches.
I am amazed at what the wind does to his is almost like it puts it into tiny braided sections...but it goes a step further and somehow ties knots at the ends. 
Just so strange what the wind does!
Kleegal and one of the owner's horses...I can't remember his name, but he was a race horse.  Kleegal was slated to be a harness race horse but (thankfully) it didn't work out.
Look at that gorgeously combed out tail!  Sue is starting to work her way around his legs, checking for whatever she was checking for.
Just look at that mane now!
Sue getting started on his ears.
And yep, she used all of this stuff!
Finishing up cleaning out his last foot.
I made Sue sit for a little while.  Kleegal is not used to seeing Sue sit down and take a break while she is grooming him.
Nearly done...just taking an enforced break.

Sue probably won't be ready to ride for another month or so.  She said for sure she won't be getting back on her bike until at least next spring.  Sue's daughter Devon (and Devon's boyfriend Sam) have helped to groom and do groundwork with Kleegal, but Sue has really missed the closeness with Kleegal and doing the hands-on grooming herself. 

I enjoyed being with Sue and Kleegal and I enjoyed combing out his mane and tail, but I am SO not cut out for this sort of work!  And then there was the babystep walking on unfamiliar and very uneven ground outside of the barn to the car in the near-dark.  Wow.  Yes indeed...I need indoor companions!


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