Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Day 246 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Forty-Six

I have nothing today.  Sue and I did some (drive-thru) banking, then went to the grocery store.  It wore us both out.  The kid at the store bagged our stuff into three incredibly heavy bags each.  One of Sue's paper bags actually had both of the handles rip off when I picked it up.  Sheesh.

I came home and I'm having a night not unlike last night in the pain/allergies departments.  Sucks, but oh well.  Very hurty, stuffy, sleepy (even w/o a single Benadryl yet today and it is nearly 11pm).  

Sue is progressing quite well.  She is walking with one crutch now and putting weight on her broken (healing) foot.  She is starting to take various steps and stairs in an upright position now (did I say this yesterday???).  I am falling asleep...gotta go.

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