Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Day 254 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Fifty-Two

I am a bit overwhelmed today by two incredible things that happened.  Luckily, my good friend Terri came over tonight.  Terri provided me much appreciated temporary distraction from my overthinking of things. 

We both had artwork in the recent Detroit Artists Market Show If You Build It, They Will Come.  Alas, neither of our pieces sold during the show and since Terri lives not far from DAM, she offered to pick up Woodlee for me as well as the wonderful piece I purchased from the show.  

Woodlee is back home again!
Woodlee joins the gang.
Then and Now... by Sanda Cook.  I love this piece!

I also recently snatched up a few of Terri's delightful Mystery Acumen Oracle collages from her Etsy store The Farrago Factory.  Terri brought them with her tonight, too!  I just love all of them -- it was really hard to choose only four.  You really must visit her store via the link and grab a couple for yourself before they are all gone!

My four new Terri Light Mystery Acumen Oracle collages!  I will find the perfect spot for the group of them ASAP!

Then we went to dinner at Tuscan Cafe and talked and talked and talked and caught up on each others' news and talked and talked and talked.  Then we came back to my house so that Terri could tell me the materials she needed me to email to her so that she can make the labels and placard for me for the latest edition of my Animal People for Art-o-mat.  This has been the major thing that has been holding me up on sending them in to HQ.  I don't have the program I used to use to make my own labels and I just do not have the computer/design chops that Terri does.  She offered to do this for me and I finally said "yes, please" and now I can get back to doing the finishing touches on the collages and get them ready for their labels.  Thank You SOOOOOOO much, Terri!  (Terri promised that she would tell me when I can return the favor and help her with something that comes easily to me but hard for her.)

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