Saturday, September 20, 2014

Day 263 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Sixty-Three

I was thinking today that maybe I could use a head from a plaster cloth guy that I started a long time ago for the head of the male mannequin (that I got yesterday at the non-garage sale).

I took a photo of the mannequin and also of the working dog and the tiger-like guy.  Then I printed them and cut them out to see if they looked like they might work.

I like the tiger-y head a lot, but I was happier with the dog head for this so I thought I would cut it off of its base and try it out on the mannequin...heh...not as easy as I was hoping.

Wow -- there was much more resistance once I cut through than I was expecting!
It just didn't want to give in!
Ah...this is what was causing me problems...a second neck inside the first one.
Gah -- AND -- masking tape over a plastic bin.
HAH!!!  I won!
Then I took the head out to the back porch to see how it looked.

No...this dog head is not quite looks more like a dog/pig needs a lot more work than I want to do AND that will make it too big for this body.
Then I had a "duh!" moment...what about "the goat-ish guy that I'm building from scratch in the basement" (that will most likely not be a goat after all anyway)?  THAT would be even better!

But -- of course, there is always a "but" -- I need to cut away that roundy part.  Gah -- more sawing!

Man -- that really wore me out...and it is about to rain...

Dammit!  I will have to figure out what exactly is inside of this guy...but for this second, I think I can balance the head on the shoulders for one more quick photo before the skies open up...

Okay -- here comes the rain.  I will probably have to really come up with a new neck, and the shape of the head needs more work,  but I think I like this much better than the dog.  This is going to be a massive project!

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