Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 259 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Fifty-Nine

Wow -- what a fun hour or so!  My friend Peggy expressed an interest in purchasing the giraffe-guy collage last week and I wanted to have her see it in person before she absolutely committed to it.  Peggy called me this afternoon and we both had the time free and she came over.  

The companion's face is so dark and you can't see it well until you are right on top of the photos I have been taking the face is a bit easier to see...but you know how things can look differently online vs in person...I was just a little concerned.  But Peggy still loved it!  I also had a couple of things that I wanted to tweak but Peggy addressed each concern I had and was very happy with things as-is.  In fact, we even completed the sale today -- wow!

Peggy stayed for a bit and we talked and caught up on each other's news and has been a while since we've talked outside of a quick "hello" at a function of some sort.

I am so happy -- this is the first of these repurposed-canvas-into-collages that I have sold.  I am just pleased (and giddy) that Peggy likes it so much!  THANK YOU, PEGGY!!!

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