Monday, September 22, 2014

Day 265 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Sixty-Five

Part One -  I worked on this guy early this morning (which was really late last night because I hadn't gone to bed yet).  I wanted to play around with the plaster cloth but I didn't want to tackle anything large.  I saw this guy in the materials bin in the basement and brought him upstairs.  I got him at a garage sale for under a dollar and I never intended to do anything with him but plaster cloth him into a new creature.

I really dislike this guy in his original state...except I like his dangly legs.
another view
I think he is supposed to be a pig or a boar but that doesn't seem like a very piggy or boary tail.

So I had to fill in all of the space between the original ears and forehead/nose area.  This is maybe just the first stage for this guy.  I don't know what I want him to be yet, other than just a creature.

First he gets the masking tape cover up.
The body and feet get the plaster cloth...tail tbd.

I love his dangly legs -- but I wanted to not have them be cloven hooves anymore.

I like them so much I made a little movie of to see it?  Here it goes:

Part Two -- Juana and I visited Sanda Cook at her studio!  We had fun talking and getting to know each other and looking at her wonderful artwork.

Yep, I "made" Sanda do this pose.
Sanda and Juana.
Take two.
Take one -- much too serious.
That's better!

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