Friday, September 5, 2014

Day 248 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Forty-Eight

As expected I was in pretty bad shape this morning...usual treatment plan made things more tolerable.  I made a dash out into the horrendous heat and humidity to do three errands...go to the framing shop, get Bootsy's cat food, and grab a few essential groceries...then make a beeline for home and air conditioning...and back to the treatment plan.

I got a set of three 16x20 frames for three collages I purchased a while back, an 8x10 one for one of my collages (below) and chose 2 frames for custom sizes.  I am not feeling like I could do a very good job with the assembly of the frames/hardware/etc. so I will leave that for another time (soon).

One of the custom frames will be for my collage called Pup.  I have wanted to add a bit more color to his background and chose a blue frame, so tonight I added blue to Pup.  I started out by mixing some acrylics until I got a color I liked...but man...what a mess.  Luckily I was able to wash off most of it.  Then I switched over to the "artistic blending chalks" and used cotton swabs and my fingers to apply the chalks.  The colors turned out pretty cool over the various background papers, especially considering how much matte medium and spray fixative is over the whole collage (because I originally thought I was done with it...ha ha ha).  But so far I think it looks much better with the added chalks/blues.  I may want to add a bit more white to Pup's sleeves...not sure yet.

Pup "before"
Mixing some acrylics.
Yay -- it washed off pretty well.
Switching over to the chalks.
Yeah...much better...I still want to see the papers underneath the added color.
I like the differences in various places on the collage...still the two same colors of chalk as above and below...
...just sits differently on different papers.
I like Pup a lot better now.

And here is the 8x10 collage...I can't remember right now exactly what I called it...something along the lines of "like a fairy" because of the lines from a children's book that are buried in the background of the collage...but I may have called it something else...I don't know.  I liked the collage as it was (without a frame) because the collage spills over all of the edges.  But what a difference with the simple black frame -- I like it even more now.  It's like the black frame really makes all of the black in the collage pop...or something.

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