Monday, September 8, 2014

Day 251 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Fifty-One

I was looking at the frame that came with the estate sale painting that I am making into the fluffy black monster -- I think it looks really cute -- like it is looking out a window or something. 

Looking out of its frame.

Then I was thinking...wouldn't it be silly/cool to have him (or her) extending over the frame...maybe something like this:

I printed out a copy of the photo from above and added black marker to see what it might look like.

I have a few ideas for this guy but I am not sure what way I want to go yet...I need to think about it a bit.  But I did realize something else...I think I want to call this sort of nondescript monster/guy (and others like him) a biteyou.  It will be the name of the sort of creature it is, like "dog" or "horse" -- there are many different breeds within the groupings, but they are all the generic name as well.

You may remember that I originally got the name "Biteyou" from retired Detroit Derby Girl Sass Knuckles whose son re-named their cat "Biteyou" in "don't pull the kitty's tail or he will bite you."  (I don't remember the exact quote, but you get the idea.)

My first guy named Biteyou is this guy...even back then I knew I would reuse the name.
And yes, I still need to finish this guy.

But this guy will also now be known as a biteyou character:
And yes...this guy is far from done, as well.

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miss_peggy_artist said...

yeah I like the 'out of the frame' concept . . . a little 3D plaster perhaps . . . maybe one paw holding on . . . and I so love the Bite You series (when I was in high school there was an expression used a lot called 'bite me' it still makes me laugh :D

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