Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day 247 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Forty-Seven

Today was a physical therapy day for Sue and then later in the evening we went to the barn to meet up with Sue's daughter (and her boyfriend) who were going to work Sue's horse a little bit for her.  They were a little late in arriving so I got the privilege of going to the horse's stall and putting the halter on him and leading him into the barn and hooking him up to the tie thing to wait for Sue's daughter Devon.  To save some more time, I suggested that I could comb out her horse's mane (and eventually his tail, too).  Wow...I am going to be sore in two days...that is a lot of reaching up and working above shoulder height.  I was amazed at what the wind does to a horse's is almost like someone did tiny braids and then tied a string around it.  I used a lot of detangler and the comb thing and got his mane all nice and my-little-pony pretty...LOL.  Then when Devon and Sam arrived I ended up also working on the horse's tail...not as badly tangled thank goodness.

Anyway -- that is how today and tonight have art progress...just working.

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