Saturday, September 6, 2014

Day 249 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Forty-Nine

I was hoping to work on more/other things today and tonight, but it is just not happening...stupid heavy air, headaches, swollen sinuses, etc.  Sheesh.

I keep hoping for something to come to me for this "painting"-turned-collage.  I love Biteyou and I have had a few is the execution of the ideas that I am struggling with.  I even like the little bit of light at the very top of the collage in the photo...maybe (yeah, right) I can "paint" something in like that.  We'll see.  But not tonight.

I was also looking at this collage today -- but I have seriously fallen out of love with it -- the whole shebang...I need to paint over (or paper over) the image and start again.

I decided that before I go to the mess/trouble of adding more paper(s) to this, I'd turn it upside down and try to salvage it as a "painting" ... now for some paint drying time...

And I do think that Pup needs whiter sleeves on his shirt...back to the blending chalks...

"After" -- yes...definitely better with the whiter sleeves.

And now that the paint is dry on the other canvas...I thought I could perhaps turn the guy into a cat, but doesn't want to be a cat.

Nope...definitely not a forced cat face.
It might take a few days, but it will let me know what it is...I have a slight feeling there may be a lot of small bits of color involved.

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