Sunday, September 21, 2014

Day 264 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Sixty-Four

I have been drawing versions of the newly named biteyou creatures for a long time.  I based the mouth/teeth/smile on the way my dad always smiled for cracked me up.  I have been playing around with the biteyous more lately.  I have a few large repurposed canvas collages (the ones I purchased from estate sales as framed oil paintings) and an easy/easier way for me to fill up the space (because the non-painter me is inexplicably needing to paint on them) is to do a large version of a biteyou guy.

There was a game online by Tiny Speck called "Glitch".  You could create a game avatar from a whole bunch of different elements and space them/place them a million different ways.  My character was called Cloudyhead.  My favorite version of Cloudyhead is this one, I think you can probably see why. (I think the resemblance is kind of uncanny.)

The artwork of Glitch was amazing.  I spent waaaaaay too much time in the game and was often lost for days.  They did an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to publish a book of the artwork.  You can learn a lot more about the artwork and stuff at that link.


Today I have been playing around with eyes and mouth/teeth for the dark blue furry biteyou. Here are some of the results.

And then I was thinking of an idea I had a few weeks ago...maybe try a girly-er biteyou with Cloudyhead-style eyes.  So I started over:

And I am thinking if I go with this idea, I will probably be stitching around the elements of the eyes and stuff because of the stitching on the moon/planet. But I am not sure yet...I am not happy with the mouth/teeth yet.

I want to get some color into this piece on the biteyou, no matter what way it ends up.  I'm not sure I will go with the eyes based on Cloudyhead but if I do, I will be sure to credit it in the end work as mentioned here.

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