Sunday, October 28, 2012

2012/365 - Day 302

hand sewn creature -- take two

Suzanne came over late last night and we worked on my Holly Dolly creature/design.  Remember I really liked my straight seam but I wasn't sure if that fabric was going to be use-able? wasn' least not for this particular project at this particular time.  I am sure I will do something with the first partial creature (yes, I am that proud of the seam...ha ha ha) eventually.

Thank goodness Suzanne is patient -- that is all I can say.

I don't sew...or read patterns...or understand what diagrams are trying to show.  

When Suzanne helps me with a sewing project, we have to figure out a method of communicating my ideas so she can help me get the basic sewing parts (like seams) executed.

Often we have to try to draw each other pictures.  It is like we are speaking different languages.  Well, okay -- Suzanne and the rest of the world that sews are speaking one language and I am speaking Tookish.


We tried to adapt the original piece, but that fabric is kind of special and it is very very tightly woven and dense (or something)...too hard to work with.

We decided to just start from scratch.  I had a very very simplified basic pattern (for someone who sews) to get an idea of what I wanted to do.

Suzanne ended up having me draw the shape that I was after and then she did the pinning and cutting and sewing on the machine.  Whew!

It is SO like engineering and math -- and SO beyond me!

Suzanne just looks at it and goes "oh"...and does it.   Like the part about making a "sandwich" out of the parts and the whole thing being inside out...she gets it -- that stuff just makes me want to cry.

And there you go -- it isn't exactly what I started out with but it is now my own design.  I am on my own from this point on.

And really -- when I first started thinking of this creature I was imagining it with the navy t-shirt material.  I think the colors of the spikes show up better...and it is a lot softer.

Tonight I mixed up some gesso with a bit of blue acrylic in it so I can see where I've painted and not go snowblind/gessoblind working with the manikin.

Just enough color to see where I've been.

I am getting an idea for the finishing of this surface.  More on this tomorrow.

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