Monday, October 22, 2012

2012/365 - Day 296

wow -- it has been three weeks already!

I can't believe that today was the third class of the three-week session of Monday afternoon acrylic painting class at the Northville Art House.  The time blew by so quickly!

Today Julie Woodard showed us about painting with a palette knife, painting with texture and several other methods for adding color to the "tile" we made at the end of session one but didn't have time to work on in session two.

The "tile" was made on a canvas board with modeling paste and stencils.  You applied the modeling paste as if it were frosting on a cake and covered over the stencil and then pulled the stencil off, leaving a 3D image or pattern on the canvas board.

After we finished our tile (because they kind of look like a ceramic tile...sort of) we could choose from either another canvas board or a sheet of watercolor paper to paint and experiment on...using a palette knife or any/all of the various things we were shown today (dry brushing, brayer, gold flakes, iridescent medium, palette knife, charcoal, etc.) -- and we were also free to incorporate any of the techniques and methods from the previous weeks.

I am very pleased with today's colors and canvas boards.  I even like the very last thing to use up the paint on our palette...just plopping a piece of watercolor paper around on the leftover paint and working with it.

Julie is a really wonderful teacher -- she is very confident and knowledgeable and is also very patient.  She is able to give suggestions and lead you without getting you frustrated or without losing your original vision of your piece.  The class was really fun and I know I will use a lot of the things I learned about acrylics...I have a long way to go before I will feel "good" about painting, but Julie certainly brought me a few steps closer to it in a very short time.

My sister Sue and I are going to sit out the upcoming three-week session on pastels, but we will most likely come back for the last one which is watercolor.  I know I am looking forward to that!

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