Monday, October 15, 2012

2012/365 - Day 289

quick stop at Canton Fine Arts exhibition then onto acrylics class

This morning my sister Sue and I made a quick run to Canton so she could see my collage in the exhibition there.  What a wonderful space and theater.

Then a really quick lunch (we called in our order while we were driving back to Northville and it was just coming to the counter when we arrived) at Tuscan Cafe and dessert/coffee to-go...then we made it just in time for the start of the second in a series of three classes with Julie Woodard at the Nothville Art House.

Today Julie showed complimentary colors and had us paint with our choice of three combinations.

The subject was fall gourds/vegetables but I really wasn't feeling them and since I am basically taking this class to get a bit of an understanding of the workings of acrylics (rather than specific painting a painting techniques) I decided to do three guys.  So I was still doing the lesson, just not that subject.

Julie is explaining about making a blue pumpkin instead of an orange one.

After coloring the canvas sheet a beige color just to fill in all the spaces, Julie shows us another way to sketch in our shapes by using very watery white paint.

I really like Julie's Indian corn. I go.  (Turns out my paint was a little too watered down, but it was okay.)

My basic shapes -- a red square (which will end up green), a purple cat guy (that will end up yellow) and a blue stacked guy (that will end up orange).

Adding the complimentary colors.

The end result.  Normally I would want to just make the guys a solid flat color but I will leave them like this to remind myself how we blended the paints and also used gel medium to extend the paint and blend easier than with water.

I sgraffito'd the faces on.

And there it is on my 'fridge...LOL.

We used a piece of canvas that came from a canvas pad.  I've never heard of that before (but why would I -- I am not a painter).  I thought that was pretty cool canvas comes that way.

Now I am thinking up ways to use a canvas pad.

Even with my dislike for painting, I am enjoying this class.  Julie is a super teacher and I really like everyone in the class.  Two hours flies by so quickly!

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