Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2012/365 - Day 304

man -- it's like pulling teeth (only no nitrous cushion)

Yeah, it is true I am not much of a sewing person...but I have developed a way to make the finger puppets and slightly larger non-puppet versions without too much trouble (now).  They took a long time to get most of the snags worked out and I can usually make them without too much difficulty.

I was planning on doing a variation of the slightly larger non-puppet version for the 20-24 pieces I am making for the Paint Creek Holiday Gift Gallery but I am having so much trouble getting them going today!

I ended up trying to make a creature/animal variation (because I could NOT get the original version back today no matter how I tried).  I worked on the Holly Dolly creature in between times.  I will finish all of the pieces in time for my appointment on Friday morning...but it is a struggle for some reason this time around.

The guy on the left is one of the Tooklets that I kept for myself from last year.  It's a good thing I kept one, too...I sure can't get the method back yet!

The guy on the right is what I ended up with after the day/night long battle.

I seriously doubt the end product will look like this, but there may be a glimmer of it in there somewhere.

Yow -- NOT what I had in mind at all!

I will figure it out.

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