Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2012/365 - Day 275 (darn -- just missed the midnight deadline!)

a glimpse at the opening reception for the Canton 20th Annual Fine Arts Exhibition 2012

Tonight Ruth and I went to the Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony for the Canton 20th Annual Fine Arts Exhibition 2012 at the Village Theater at Cherry Hill in Canton, MI.  Wow.

In his Artist Statement the show's juror Richard Rubenfeld says "Art History has been a love of mine since childhood, and I make a point of seeing as much original art that I can.  I pride myself on being non-elitist and for keeping an open mind."  That is a good thing because even though my piece "Rebel Rebel" didn't get an award, it is one of 44 pieces that made it into the exhibition out of 160 works that were submitted.

We had such a great time!  I met so many wonderful artists tonight.  ALL of the work is just wonderful and I am very happy and thrilled and excited and proud to be a part of this exhibition!

arriving...front of theater

lobby area -- artists checked in and got a name tag -- this is also where the People's Choice ballots were deposited

There were already quite a number of people there when we arrived.

main gallery area

gallery area to your right when walking in from the lobby

I see mine!!!

"Andre" by Kyle Cups and Scot Feguson
second place winner

"Rebel Rebel" by Took Gallagher

The title refers to the song "Rebel Rebel" by David Bowie and the lyric "we like dancing and we look divine".

(acting all big, hanging in a Fine Arts exhibition)

""Window View" by WanChuan Kesler
honorable mention

"Moonglow" by Peggy Kerwan

Juror Richard Rubenfeld kindly poses with "Rebel Rebel"

Dr. Rubenfeld is so warm and friendly and offers you the reasons why he liked your piece.  

"Windmill Wishing Chair" by Kate Paul

This was one of my favorites when Peggy and I dropped our art off last week.

detail "Windmill Wishing Chair"

detail "Windmill Wishing Chair"

I LOVED this piece when we dropped ours off!

"Son of Dog" by Tonya Shoults

The Awards Ceremony in the theater.

Richard Rubenfeld talks about the art in the show and gives some incredibly helpful and insightful advice during his talk.

(very zoomed in photo with long exposure...sorry for the blur)

It was so cool when the top three winners were called to the stage their work was shown on the big screen.  Actually there were four winners as "Andre" is a collaboration.

group shot after the awards

Scot Ferguson and Kyle Culps with their 2nd place winning "Andre". 

Ruth bought this super piece!

Kate Paul with her "Windmill Wishing Chair"

Kate and I talked for a bit -- she is so cool and is full of encouragement.  We exchanged cards and I know our paths will cross again soon!  

Kate is also the subject/model of the 1st place winning artwork "My Friend Kate" by Christina Cazja.  (No...no photo...you will just have to go and see the show for yourself.)

Visit Kate's blog here.

one last look at "Rebel Rebel"
20th Annual Fine Arts Exhibition 2012
50400 Cherry Hill Road
Canton, MI  48187

The show runs October 2 - 29
Monday - Friday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Free and open to the public during normal hours, and during public performances or by appointment.

(734) 394-5300

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