Friday, October 5, 2012

2012/365 - Day 279

spontaneous road trip

Today my fabulous sister Sue and I made a totally unplanned and spontaneous mid-afternoon road trip (2 hours one way) to Lowell, MI to see the "Collage, Assemblage and Construction" exhibition at LowellArts!

Sue and I played phone tag all day yesterday and ended the last message "conversation" with Sue telling me she'd give me a call in the morning.  Well, this morning when we finally got a chance to chat it turned out we both had the afternoon free.  We had to postpone celebrating Sue's recent birthday (for several reasons) and we thought we'd like to make a short road trip to give us some sister time on a day that would be convenient for both of us...unexpectedly today was the day!

I will write more specifically about the show and LowellArts! in the blog post on October 21 when a group of us go back to Lowell for the Closing Reception/Awards.  The gallery itself is really wonderful,  but it is a difficult setting for my point-and-shoot camera due to the glare and reflection from the glass in frames (and/or high gloss finish) on most of the pieces in the show.  So -- for now -- here is a very quick glimpse of a small sampling of the show:

Charles LaRue
Flower Boxes (detail)

My plaster cloth sculpture "Baby Beast"

Joan's assemblage piece "Shoes"

Susan Mulder
Persistence of Repetition
2nd place winner

Peggy's two collages (lower left)

Alison Lang
Santos II

Donna F. St. John
If Only I Were Perfect

This is made of Barbie doll arms and legs with imagery in the background and statements on the torso.  Joan is going to love this one in person!

My collage -- one of the repurposed canvases where the images emerged on their own.

Rachel Hopkins
Over the Moon



Rachel Hopkins
Lylee Jane

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Karen said...

how wonderful, Took- it must be awesome to be featured at the show. I'm heading up north end of the week, and I'm thinking we'll stop by on our way back...Lowell is a great little place for lunch and art! Karen

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