Monday, October 8, 2012

2012/365 - Day 282

acrylic painting class 

Ruth and Carla and my sister Sue and I are all taking Julie Woodard's 3-week acrylic painting session at the Northville Art House on Monday(s).  I am so thrilled my sister is able to join us -- it has been a very long time since she set aside some time for herself and for art.

Julie is a really great communicator and teacher.  You know how much I dislike painting...well, Julie made it fun.  As a matter of fact -- I was so absorbed in what she was showing us that I even forgot to take photos during the process!

So here are some shots from after the class...while we were still hanging around and working on another project for next week.

Downstairs in the classroom area at the Northville Art House.

Julie Woodard showing what she showed us.


Sue and Ruth

Sue and Carla

My painting -- not too bad for a first try.

After the paint had dried a bit more I found an inexpensive frame in the basement and popped my painting into it.  I switched another piece of art out for it -- in the guest bathroom.

I am happy with it for what it first exercise in making an acrylic painting.

I am looking forward to next week's class!

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