Thursday, October 11, 2012

2012/365 - Day 285

2nd Thursday -- October edition

I can't believe it is the second Thursday in October already!  Tonight we got together and Joan had the activity.  We made self portrait collages from magazine images.

In attendance tonight were (clockwise from bottom left) Carla, Ellen, (me), Joan, Leann, Julia, Peggy, and Ruth.

 I was having a bit of a hard time then all of a sudden I stumbled across one image and everything started coming together.  Amazingly, Ellen found a companion image to my main image with the same model in another magazine. And Joan had a bear paw torn out that sort of went with my two "bears".

my collage

Ellen's collage

Carla's collage

Ruth's collage

Ruth's second collage -- an homage to her mom and her mom's style.

Peggy's collage

Julia's collage

Leann's collage

Leann's second collage

Joan's collage

Joan's second collage

Carla's second collage -- in progress

One minute the house is buzzing with creativity and happy talking...

...and suddenly it is all put away and quiet again.

I was kind of trancing out towards the end of the session, half-thinking about the mess on the table and when everyone picked up their collages and put the magazines back in the bins it was like we'd never even been at the table!  Amazing!

I love this group -- so many clever and creative friends just hanging around and chatting and making stuff.


Pacific College Mom said...

Loving the energy in this room, AND the final products!!! I definitely need to get back on here and look at the posts I missed. said...

I am sorry I was not there. And if you had not told me who's collage was who's I probably could have guessed. All so unique and creative!

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