Sunday, October 14, 2012

2012/365 - Day 288

prepping the manikin

I am participating in an auction/fundraiser event for ArtsNovi called "Go Figure".  For $10 we were given a 12" wooden jointed artist's manikin and we are to do whatever we'd like to it.  (It bugs me a little to type "manikin" instead of mannequin -- but that is what it says on the box this guy came in.)

We are meeting on the 26th to turn in our completed figures.  Then they will be displayed at various locations around town.  It will culminate at the event on Nov 9 at the Novi Civic Center.

Here is a photo of some of manikins from the last time they did this, two years ago.  My friends Peggy and Carla participated in that one.

Carla made the furry white guy with the grrrr hands and Peggy made the gold and red and swirls mermaid.

I will be plaster cloth-ing my manikin.  I wanted to save the pose and prep him for the plaster cloth, so I had to cover him first with masking tape.

That is what I usually do when I start a plaster cloth project because the material seems to cling better to the masking tape than to a super smooth surface like this wood.

This is the pose I finally settled on.  It is a kind of prance-y grrrrr guy.

I didn't realize that I'd need to cut the tape really thin and small...I guess I was thinking it would just mold to the shape of the figure.

I can't get my camera to "see" what I am seeing...the angles are kind of wacky...but here he is all taped up.

I think I am going to try to turn the rod that holds him in place into a tail.

I hope to give him a creature head and hands and feet.

There -- now I can lay him down on his back (so he doesn't fall over) and he won't lose his positioning.

I hope I can get him to turn out close to how I'm seeing him in my head -- wish me luck!

This is a photo from the ArtsNovi Facebook page of one of the manikins in this year's Go Figure.  It is called "Imagine" and it is by Tiffany Frikken.

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