Friday, October 19, 2012

2012/365 - Day 293

manikin's tail (so far) -- edited post

At first I had nothing to show today -- no photos -- and I sort of griped about it.  Then I sat here and a glint of scrap aluminum foil caught my eye -- I was thinking it just might work for a tail for the Go Figure manikin.  I worked with it for a little bit and now I am editing the blog post for Friday.  (This took place between midnight and midnight:45.)

I wanted to cover up the rod that the manikin is supported  by.

Some scrap aluminum foil might do the trick.

Oh -- and a small piece of bubble wrap., not so much with the bubble wrap...taking it back off.  

Now I am trying to use the wadded/unwadded/rewadded again scrap piece from the scrap of aluminum foil to make the curly tip of the tail.

Hey -- not too bad for a first try -- I will need to tweak it in the plaster cloth stage. is starting to take shape!

ALSO -- earlier today I called to make the appointment to take my Holiday Gift Market items to PCCA -- so now I have a solid deadline for those.  The Holly Dolly will be delivered at the same time.

Deadlines are quickly approaching!

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