Friday, August 22, 2014

Day(s) 230 to 234 - 365/2014

Day(s) Two Hundred Thirty to Two Hundred Thirty-Four

Whoa.  These last few days ran together in a blur.  I basically wen to Sue's, stayed with her until her husband came home from work, then came home and (apparently) crashed.  I'd get the cats fed, have my dinner, then wake up in my chair in front of the (turned off) tv.  Tonight Terri came by after her work and we went up to Tuscan for a quick bite and then back here for some conversation and then she left and I sat in my chair and suddenly I am startled to find that it is a few moments before my midnight posting deadline.  Whoa.

I will try to do a recap tomorrow...I actually DO have a few things to post.

This is just an "I'm-not-dead" check in.

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