Saturday, August 23, 2014

Day 235 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Thirty-Five

Sheesh.  I have the weekend off -- two whole days/nights -- and I have made little to no progress on anything.  I think it has to do with forcing it instead of listening to/feeling it...whatever "it" is.  I also decided against posting the things I had half-thought I'd post yesterday.  

I'm not feeling defeated or depressed or anything...I just feel like I have been trying too hard today to accomplish something rather than just putting in some good work on existing things.  I have several collages that I would like to finish up but they are not ready to be finished yet...and I tried to push it.

Here are two examples of the "she-swings, she-misses" attempts.

This first one isn't exactly bad, it just feels "off".  In general I want it to be done, I like it mostly...but I feel that there is something it needs.  (It looks different in person.)

The giraffe-ish guy's companion "before"...
...and "after".  I only wanted the suggestion of a face...I want the viewer to fill it in for themselves.
Overall view.
Overall view in the honkingly heavy/huge frame that the painting was in when I bought it at the estate sale -- I kind of sort of like the silver/gold leaf-like finish...but there is SOMEthing missing.

Example number more sampling of why this non-painter should not attempt to paint...LOL.  I think maybe I should stick to adding color to collages by adding various papers.  Tiny areas can be painted maybe, but not major parts...even holding my breath didn't work...ha ha ha.

One of the few paints I actually LIKE -- Lumiere Light Body Metallic Acrylics by Jacquard.
...and then I tried to mix up a color...
...which led to pulling it all back off again...except the Lumiere wants to mostly stay put.
Gah -- what an unholy mess!

I swear to you I am not beating myself up about this -- I simply know my limitations.  I should allow myself to paint (apply paint to) plaster cloth guys that require painting...but I really need to knock off the "oh, I will try again" stuff because while it does permit me to play/experiment/take up time, it also keeps me from actually doing any useful work on whatever it is I am subconsciously trying to avoid.

And I really just plain do not enjoy painting. 

Now.  I know how to start to fix things...and I am going to use the rest of tonight to listen.

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