Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 242 - 365/2014 (updated)

Day Two Hundred Forty-Two

Wow.  It has been quite a while since I have worked on the plaster cloth rabbitish-guy.  Here are some progress/process photos of today's multiple work sessions. 
One -- coming up with the hands construction.  I had to resort to holding up my own hand to see which direction I needed to go with and where the thumbs went.  This session was probably the longest -- a couple of hours +.  It took a while to determine the size, the materials and how to anchor them with a wrist/forearm.  I wanted (needed to) work on both hands in the same sitting so that I could keep them as even as possible.  I also needed to do it in one session so that I could remember how I did it.  As it was, the second hand was made in a slightly different way but with the same parts as the first one.
The rabbitish-guy "before".
The sketch I made a while back.
Using my own hand to make sure I put the thumbs in the correct place...and to get a basic shape to build the fingers on.
Keeping in mind that these are not human hands, they didn't turn out too bad.
Making sure I left room for layers of plaster cloth to go on the wrist/forearms.
The parts for hand assembly number two.
Securing the fingers and thumbs more securely in place.
Adding some pads/shapes to the palm areas.
Hand number one -- I tried to pre-shape the fingers into more of a "gona getcha" pose.
Yeah...not too bad.

Two -- after taking a short break I came back in to try to see if the wrists would fit with some Scott paper rags to hold them in place...just to see if I was getting the hang of the bends in the fingers and positioning in the sleeves.  This actually took a bit of time, too.

Three -- after a break to feed the cats and sit in my recliner for a short while, I came back in to put the first layers of plaster cloth over the hips/haunches area and try to get some shape overall, including underneath the plaque at the bottom of the torso.  This included a bit of shaping and holding the plaster cloth in place for a bit so it could start to set up.  I probably should have crammed more of the wet plaster cloth into the Scott paper rags inside of the plastic cups (under the masking tape) but I think it will be fine...I tightened and shaped the outside as I worked.  This area will still need quite a bit of layering of plaster cloth.
The area to be worked on "before".
The area "after".
Another view.  I know it looks pretty odd right now but I have an idea for this.  It will be something in between hips and haunches, but I want it to be less haunchy/animaly and more hippy/humanish.
Four -- the final session for tonight.  I covered the hands with a light layer of plaster cloth and tried to keep the bends in the fingers.  I didn't want the hand to become too bulky (as they have in the past in other projects) so I want them to firm up a bit before I add the next layers.  I will need to keep the very ends of the forearms fairy wet and slippery and also prepare the inside of the sleeves with one thin wet layer so that they join well.
The hands, drying.
I have been trying to think of a shape or form I could use to work plaster cloth over for the transition from waist to haunches/hips...I think I found something that will work (I can always pull it all back off later)...I cut a cream cheese container in half and cut the rim off, too.
Secured pretty least it is a start...this still needs a lot of thought and work.
Another view.  I am also trying to think of how the clothing can be built on to cover up the odd shapes.
Okay!  Enough for one day.  Man...I forgot how much reaching and stretching this work takes...I may be achy for the next couple of days...LOL.

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